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Bang Storm Purple Offset (LOW PRICE)



Another great offer from MacLeonard, in our 1,000 drivers SALE, ONLY £99, custom built with shaft & grip!

The BangStorm OffSet 460cc Beta-Titanium Driver is designed with an extra large face and a higher center of gravity for lower loft degree and gradually changed into lower center gravity towards to the higher loft degrees. This new design gives you an extra large sweet spot on the club face without core lines, while reducing the spin and launch angle in order to get more distance and forward rolling. The deep purple is simply beautiful to look at and will give you the positive confidence at setup. With all the advantages of the BangStorm driver, the BangStorm OffSet Purple Driver gives the player much easier performance adjustment in slicing controls, and it has been proved by the slower swing speed golfers.

You have 3 options

1. Choose our regular specification above, custom built with shaft and grip for only £89

2. Or purchase a head only as a component, £49 + Free Headcover

3. Choose your own specs. Buy a head, go to shafts, then grips, make your selections, and we will custom build it for you.


If you need further assistance send us e-mail, we love to help, we endeavour to answer within 24 hours.

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Specifications for the Bang Storm Offset

Loft Dex Lie Weight Face Angle
10.5* RH 58* 197gram +/- 1/2*
12* RH/LH 58* 197gram +/- 1/2*
14* RH/LH 58* 197gram +/- 1/2*
16* RH 58* 197gram +/- 1/2*