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The Nakashima Htec 460 driver is the most technologically advanced driver ever made. Every aspect of this driver can be customised to the golfers needs. Loft, Lie, Face Angle, Internal Head Weighting, Shaft, Shaft Frequency, Club Length, Swing Weight, Gross Weight, Grip Style and Grip Size. It doesn’t get any better! The increased distance and accuracy achieved with a perfectly fitted driver is amazing.

Removable Hosel Technology (Htec) • Adjustable Weight Screws • Adjustable Lie and Face Angle Hosel

You have 3 options

1. Purchase the head only as a component, simply select the loft and Add to Basket £149

2. Choose our regular specification, custom built with a High Performance golf shaft and Grip for £249

3. Customise your club. Purchase a head, go to shafts, then grips, make your selections, and we will custom build it for you from £249

If you need further assistance send us e-mail, we love to help, we endeavour to answer within 24 hours.

Choose Loft
Ready Built Option
Choose Flex State ; weight and colour in notes
Choose Length


Specifications: Htec 460

RH 8.5° 57° 200g 460cc 53mm
RH 9.5° 57° 200g 460cc 53mm
RH 10.5° 57° 200g 460cc 53mm
RH 11.5° 57° 200g 460cc 53mm
RH 13° 57° 200g 460cc 53mm
RH 15° 57° 200g 460cc 53mm
Tol (+/-) 0.5° 1.0° 2.0g    

Head Dimensions: Bulge: 10”, Roll: 10”
Materials and Finish: Face: SP700, Body: 6-4 Titanium, Paint Finish: Deep Black
Hosel Dimensions: Inside Diameter: .335", Outside Diameter: 13.0mm, Shafting Depth: 39mm