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The Suterusu Driver from the Pagoda collection by Sukira Golf

Fujikura Max
The Sukira Suterusu Driver is available on special offer for £179, fitted with a Japanese Fujikura Graphite shaft.
If you prefer us to build to your own specs, we supply many upgrade shafts, from both Fujikura and UST Mamiya.
Component heads are available to professional club-fitters for £127.

The Suterusu driver by Sukira, has been in the making for over two years. All tooling was made from scratch, to create this perfectly balanced three piece driver, forged from high grade titanium. Each piece is made to such tight tolerances that it enabled us to plasma weld the joints with cotton thick rod, for a distortion free fabrication. Both the sole plate and face are of variable thickness, which allows the engineers to locate the weight where it will benefit both the center of gravity and its inertia most. The 460cc Suterusu driver conforms to the USGA & R&A Rules.

This method of construction is quite a departure for Sukira, who have always followed the more expensive method of casting the main shell as a one piece unit then plasma welding the face to the shell. However according to Suzuki Akira (engineer) this is as good as it gets with this type of fabrication. Following extensive testing (hitting a ball 6,000 times at 125 mph) the Suterusu still performed with the same accuracy and sound as the 1st strike.

If you would rather specify your own specs in terms of shaft & grip, 1st choose the loft you would like and add to the basket, then go to our shafts section here followed by grips, add them to your basket, and we will build a custom club for you. For any special requests, state in "notes" at checkout, we are here to give you a truly custom build experience.

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Specifications for the Suterusu Driver

Loft +/- 0.5 Lie +/- 1* Weight +/- 3g Size cc Swing weight Length
          Men's Ladies
9.5 60 198g 460 D0 to D4 45" 44"
10.5 60 198g 460 D0 to D4 45" 44"

Personal preference for swing-weight, overall weight and length is available upon request.